You can read what some people have to say about us. We always get just positive remarks because we can assure you of firstly, a healhy puppy, an active puppy and our help and support through out the process. So Click here to check out our available puppies and then get in touch with us.

” Hello it’s Sheena, my baby Poobi is just the cutest. She enjoys playing with my daughter and is really energetic. Thanks so much.”

” Hi i got my yorkie pup delivered to me this morning. I am so much in love with her, she is just so adorable.

Thank you! Micheal”

” Good morning to you. I arived home about 20 minutes ago. I really appreciate you letting me come over fo pickup so while at it i could see where the puppies are bred. After talking to a few breeders and none of them will let me. It made me loss all hope till ii came across your website. i am relly grateful, Sarah”

” Hi there, thanks a lot for letting me have a new french bulldog. We named him Bolt, lol well my children thought of the name though. He is such a heart warmer and enjoys cuddle. Oh my is he cozy too!!!! we will take good care of him as promised. Have a nice day, James”

” Good afternoon, I was on your website earlier and read some really helpful info. I always faced problem with the best food supplies to get for my yorkie puppy. I call him Joy, which is a wierd name for a male hahahahha but that’s how he makes me feel coming home to his cute eyes afer those long days from work. Thank you, Anna”