You’ll find frequently asked questions and answers below. Visit our contact us page and write to us directly if you didn’t get the info you needed.

  • Q: Do you accept pickup?
  • AYes we do accept pickup, all pickups are done on weekends only and partial deposit made prior to the date of pickup.
  • Q:  Do you deliver?
  • A: Yes we do delivery, a delivery fee wil need to be paid and the cost of the delivery fee will varry depending on your location
  • Q: Do i get a refund if i change my mind about getting a pup after making the deposit?
  • A: In cases where you change your mind about the puppy you get a full refund if you notify us within 2 days after making the deposit. From 3 days and above you only get a partial refund. We’ll deduct 15% of the total amount paid to compensate us for the time waisted.
  • Q: Do your puppies come already potty trained?
  • A: Yes they do, we usually take the first weeks to ensure that all puppies before ready to go must have been potty trained. This is because not every one can deal with a dog which isn’t potty trained.
  • Q: Wil the puppy come with any accessories?
  • A: Yes they will, all our pups will come with a starter kit to facilitate their adaptation into their new homes.
  • Q: Can i make a deposit to secure a pup before it reaches it’s age to go?
  • A: We accept deposit to secure pups before they reach the age to move into their new homes.

If you have any other questions, get in touch with us. click here to check out our available puppies.